Megha Walters - Chef Just Samosa, Founder Just Samosa Northampton UK

Our Story

Until I discovered cooking I was never really interested in anything

Welcome to Just Samosa where fresh ingredients and aromatic spices combine to create a truly desi and home cooked taste reminiscent of the flavour of India. Contrary to the name more is created than "just samosas" as the menu shows there's a host of delights, spiced catered to your personal preference as all of the food is made to order.

We do Pre-Order Food Delivery, Tiffin style weekly meals, and larger orders for any special occasion for Kingsthorpe, Northampton and the area within 3 miles (including Kingsley, Abington, Semilong, Town Centre, Kingsheath, Duston). We are registered with West Northamptonshire local authority NN2 and have a 5* Food Hygiene Rating by Food Standards Agency. We are based in Kingsthorpe Northampton with a delivery and pickup service.

Order from us and you will not be disappointed as our Chef Megha Walters, with more than 12 years of experience in professional kitchens, is waiting to satisfy your pallet in true Punjabi style. She has extensive knowledge in cooking, service, stocktaking and experienced in planning dinners.


Just Samosa Menu


Our dishes may contain dairy, nuts, seeds, soya, gluten / wheat or other allergies. Food allergies and intolerances customers are advised to let us know if any food may cause an allergic reaction prior to order. If you would like to know the list of ingredients used in a particular dish, we will be happy to assist you.